From the beginning, Brandenburg Development, LLC builds a relationship with the homeowner.


The purpose of this letter is to express our deep appreciation
to you, Brandenburg Development, LLC and the entire team of artisans who played a vital role in the design and construction of our new home.

Vicki and I have owned five
homes in different cities. Our lifelong dream was to one-day own a custom built home. As empty nesters it was apparent the "lifestyle home" design was the perfect solution to our evolving needs.

We could not have selected a better custom homebuilder. We have been so impressed with Brandenburg Home's professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.

From the start it was readily apparent that you and your entire organization took to heart the belief that, first and foremost, you represent your client.

Brandenburg Development, LLC has honored every representation they have made every step of the way.

Were we to have a need for a custom homebuilder at a future date we would not hesitate to choose Brandenburg Development, LLC.

John W. Sullivan CPCU
Division President, Specialty Human Services Division
Great American Insurance

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After deciding to build a home, It was important to me to select a builder that I could trust wouldn’t cut corners on one such a big investment. I acknowledged to myself that I knew little about physically building a house and realized that even if I could be on-site the entire time, I wouldn’t know if a builder was cutting corners or not. That’s why I hired Jack. I wanted him to be my consultant as well as my builder. Jack took the time to point out when (and why) it made sense to invest more with a particular feature, and frequently advised me when it was appropriate to spend less. Jack always challenged his sub-contractors before I had a chance to question the quality. Two and half years later, our house looks like new, while other houses of similar age are in need of repair. Other builders can build your house for less. Actually any builder can. Even Jack can. But the reason you want Jack Brandenburg to build your house is because he won’t.

Joe Treinen, Miami Bluffs Resident


As General Manager/Director of Golf of the Tournament Players Club at River’s Bend , I come in contact with many home builders and potential home buyers on a daily basis. We are blessed in the River’s Bend community to have some of the very best and most reputable home builders represented.


We are also very fortunate to have Jack Brandenburg and Brandenburg Development developing the Fairways at River’s Bend . Jack Brandenburg has continually displayed the passion for excellence and attention to detail required of a successful developer and home builder. We have an outstanding relationship with Jack Brandenburg as we have always found Jack to be a man of honor in the many dealings we have had with him.

Bill Hughes, Regional Director for TPC Operations, General Manager/Director of Golf


Jack is honest, efficient and direct in his business interactions. Jack’s word is his bond. We quickly learned to rely on and benefit from his experience. We consider him to be not only an excellent contractor, but also as a good friend for whom we hold great respect and trust.

Frank Colon, M.D., resident of Miami Bluffs

Mr. Brandenburg always answered his calls immediately and personally, made himself available 24 hours a day, and was present on his job site everyday to answer and solve questions. The simple fact of the matter is that Jack Brandenburg works harder and longer than any person I know in making his customers happy on every level.

Todd A. Zelczak, O.D., resident of Miami Bluffs

The professionalism, integrity, attention to detail and honesty of Mr. Brandenburg are the qualities that have made his involvement with our home, and River’s Bend at large, an invaluable asset.

Shawn and Angela Gabert, residents of River’s Bend



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